Napkin rings, wine coolers & other accessories in brass

Brass fittings provide an elegant & lovely atmosphere of flair with its golden warm luster.

Brass is an alloy between usually 65% ​​copper and 35% zinc and can be cast, turned, milled and soldered.

The color of brass or other zinc-copper alloys varies with the copper content. The color is yellow as the copper content is between 49 and 76%. Over this the color turns yellowish red, and over 87% the color starts to resemble the copper. Below 50% copper, the metal turns to white, and upon further lowering becomes grayish.

The oldest traces of brass date from China and date back more than 4000 years before Christ. Early finds also originate from India and the Middle East.


After being out of use in Europe, the brass made its return in the Middle Ages. In Sweden, brass was started at Vattholma brass mill in 1571. From 1610 onwards, seven brass mills were established in rapid succession: Skultuna, Nyköping, Vällinge, Nacka, Norrköping, Gusum (1653) and Bjurfors.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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